Jason’s Top Ten of the Decade

This list is really not all too unconventional. And, there’s not really anything from this year included since there’s still a lot to be seen–and I feel movies need to sit in our collected conscious and culture before being put into these type of lists.  But, it sums up the decade in film for me pretty well. I may consider doing a categorized list as well because there are a lot of movies I want to include. But here are my 10!

1)      Lord of the Rings Trilogy

2)      The Departed

3)      There Will Be Blood

4)      Wall-E

5)      No County for Old Men

6)      The Dark Knight

7)      Brokeback Mountain

8)      Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

9)      City of God

10)   Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Michael Jackson’s This Is It

Michael Jackson’s This Is It is above anything else an inside look at one of the greatest artists of the last century at work. You get everything–the dancing, the singing, the intriguing tenderness when speaking  (even when being harsh with criticism to his company). You even get new videos with their MJ stamp of camp and fun. Watching Michael Jackson rehearse is to see how art is created when it is most pure and most creative. Michael is affected by everything external in the world…from the burning rainforests to the color of the gel lighting his face. Everything informs him how to sing, what dance move to do and how to take what his fellow artists are giving him and give back. Yes, this would’ve been a monumental concert. His vocal and dance skills are even better than I imagined. His presence is so commanding that at one point director Kenny Ortega asks Michael and his followers, “Is this church or is this rock and roll?” Is this a man or more? He can move his hand three inches and a stadium of tens of thousands of people would’ve been moved. This Is It is an appropriate send off to the artist. It will have an effect on its audience that Michael would’ve approved of. In fact, he probably would’ve blushed in disbelief to see the love and escapism (which he informs his fellow artists that he intends to give to his fans) in the faces of his adoring audience. And, I dare you to sit still and watch this film. I wish we had several more years of MJ, but this really is it…and it’s pretty thrilling.